Our values.

Our founding values are built on more than 15 years
of leadership experience in international companies


Excellence is the founding value of Futureys. At each stage of a project, we make sure that our decisions will meet this requirement for excellence and enable us to exceed the expectations and ambitions of our Clients


For Futureys, every project is always a success. In collaboration with our clients, our objectives are set with pragmatism and rigour, enabling us to exceed the expected results


« What we do, we do well ».
Our solid experience enables us to carry out major transformations within client companies. The right and precise actions that we implement after the analysis and consulting phase are guided by our involvement and interest in the innovative measures and solutions that we propose.


Deep respect for their clients, collaborators and employees has enabled Frédéric Midy and Elizabeth Thomas to be recognised as people they can trust. We take a particular interest in building these strong relationships and are constantly working to preserve them


Thanks to its constant and adapted dynamism, Futureys ranks among the leading companies. The energy deployed as well as the multiple knowledge allows great adaptability to all types of projects


The transmission of their experiences is essential to the work of Frédéric and Elizabeth. The key to the success of a project lies in a significant transfer of knowledge and experience to the client company, as well as in a total and reciprocal trust between the company’s managers

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 future together.

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