Frederic Midy

A graduate of Arts & Métiers, ESSEC and holder of a USA MBA in Finance, Frédéric Midy also holds a certificate from INSEAD on Excellence in Leadership (LEAP Executive Programme)

A CEO in the Execution

President and CEO of French and International companies in the industry (B2B & B2B2C) for more than 15 years, creator of his own start-up company, Frédéric Midy has built his experience on solid pillars: a natural and long-lasting customer proximity, the concrete and pragmatic implementation of innovative projects with high added value (e.g. cost reductions and the resulting strategic redeployment, digital), the commercial efficiency of specialised networks in France and abroad, operational and industrial efficiency and the total management of cultural transformations.

A passionate leader and easily adaptable, Frédéric Midy has always known how to establish himself regionally in his previous professional activities (e.g. Nicoll in France, Grohe in Germany, Aliaxis in Belgium…) and has been able to generate lasting success in organisations of multiple sizes for French and Anglo-Saxon shareholders and investment funds.

In concrete terms, Frédéric Midy holds a track record of more than 20 years of positive results in cost reduction, cultural & strategic transitions, business development, innovation in organisational transformation and pragmatic leadership.

The key competencies
of Frederic Midy

Strategic Cost Management

Linking spending to business strategy to allocate resources appropriately and optimise costs by looking for the best sustainable solutions, not the lowest prices.


Starting from the common definition of a Vision / Ambition for the Company, the aim is to link the bigger picture and implementing the reality on the ground by deploying tailor-made strategies at all levels of the Company

Project Management

Effective Leadership is about planning actions, monitoring, building possible B plans, allocating budgets, reorienting priorities and creating a team that is fully focused on performance and results to be achieved


Inspiring, energising and gifted with clarity in conceptualization and execution, Frédéric is a man of action who knows how to coach his teams, create an environment for performance and results, and be agile and adaptable

Deployment & execution

Both in conceptualisation, design and implementation, the guarantee of tailor-made and quality services is the result of 15 years of results obtained with International Companies and Groups


Always at the forefront of progress, constantly making proposals, the relevant novelty is placed at the centre of the recommendations while remaining perfectly concrete and pragmatic

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