Frédéric Midy

Frédéric excels through a rich and diverse experience in business management, characterized by pragmatic leadership and a constant capacity for innovation, supported by a strategic vision.

A CEO in execution

Chairman and Managing Director of French and international industrial companies (B2B & B2B2C) for over 15 years, and founder of his own start-up company, Frédéric Midy has built his experience on solid pillars: natural, long-term customer proximity, concrete, pragmatic implementation of innovative, high value-added projects (e.g. cost reductions and resulting strategic redeployment, digitalization), commercial effectiveness of specialized networks in France and abroad, operational and industrial efficiency, and total management of transformations. g. cost reductions and the resulting strategic redeployment, digital), the commercial effectiveness of specialized networks in France and abroad, operational and industrial efficiency, and the total management of cultural transformations.

A passionate and adaptable leader, Frédéric Midy has always been able to establish himself regionally in his previous professional activities (e.g. Nicoll in France, Grohe in Germany, Aliaxis in Belgium…) and to generate lasting success within organizations of multiple sizes for French and Anglo-Saxon shareholders and investment funds.

In concrete terms, Frédéric Midy has a track record of over 20 years of positive results in cost reduction, cultural & strategic transitions, business development, innovation in organizational transformation and pragmatic leadership.

Core competencies

Endowed with visionary leadership and strategic management expertise, he transforms ambitions into concrete successes. Innovative and strategic, Frédéric optimizes costs and steers projects towards excellence.

Cost management

Align spending with corporate strategy to optimize costs while seeking sustainable solutions.

Corporate strategy

Definition of a shared vision to integrate innovation and operational realities, with strategies adapted to all levels.

Project management

Leadership in project planning and execution, including budget management and results-oriented team building.


Frédéric inspires and mobilizes his teams with a clear vision and agile execution to achieve performance and results.

Deployment & Execution

Quality results from 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing customized solutions for international groups.


Vanguardism and pragmatism come together in the integration of relevant innovations into corporate strategies.

Shaping your company's future together

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