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It's not easy to develop your business and conquering new market shares. It requires method, perseverance and time. Whether it is leadership, management or financial management, it is important to set a clear and precise course.

But how to define it? What strategy to follow? How to run your business? Should I be accompanied?

Impact & Efficiency.

You wish to transform and thus increase the value of your Company, you dream of strengthening its competitive positions, of aligning your objectives and strategies at all levels, you want to successfully lead cultural and strategic changes?

While you, CEOs/COOs/CFOs and members of Executive Committees, steer your organisations towards your ambitions and objectives, we will work with you in the background to design the transformations – without time-consuming work – and then be in the execution throughout the projects.

Adapted and tailor-made methods and processes are based on simple and robust models or ideas – analysis, ambition/vision, strategic action plan, benchmarks, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), evaluation, gap analysis, simulations, decision support, governance and process adjustment, executive coaching, training, etc. – to ensure the best possible results.

You have several clear, quantified and qualified options available to help you make your decision.

You then benefit from our deployment with Rigour, Discipline, Impact and Responsibility in the Execution of your decisions, and lastly from the Steering and Measurement of Performance in the long term.

In all cases, we first of all offer you a pilot phase, a real test allowing you to get to know us better.

Various remuneration models are offered according to your needs and the services provided, including the Risk-free Success Fee, which requires no initial cash outlay. More than 15 years of experience at the highest level of International Companies give Futureys Stratégie a unique credibility and legitimacy in its value proposition.

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Shaping your company's
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How the consulting 
firm helps the CEO ?

The first task of the consulting firm is to identify and qualify the needs of the manager. Are they difficulties related to finance, innovation, product development? Is it a structural or cyclical problem? Once the problem has been identified, the consultant deploys an action plan to respond to it in the most agile and efficient way possible.

He will then review the resources that the leader has at his disposal to solve his problem: governance, financial or human resources, ERP, CRM…; then he will propose to the manager a strategy, a budget and a schedule. This makes it possible to provide a concrete and tailor-made solution to the difficulties encountered by the manager.

Shaping your company's
 future together.

Let's talk about you
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