Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth’s background highlights her Impact on Performance and has been trained and certified by the World Class training organisation Dale Carnegie in Executive Coaching, Team Collaboration, Sales, and High Impact Presentations becoming a Carnegie Master, 1 of 40 globally. 

An empowering Leader
Impact & Performance

Elizabeth has a strength for leading high performance teams and bringing value and impact whether it’s internally with organisations or with clients in the business, sports and education areas. Intentional, client centric and inspiring, Elizabeth is able to build trust quickly and effect lasting change on people and their organisations. She has also vast experience within the Franchising Business Model having worked for a World Class Training and a Strategic Cost Management Franchisor by building their Academy and impacting the performance of their Franchisees Internationally 

Elizabeth has coached globally over 8,000 Leaders across the world from Executives to Managers and has worked with a variety of industries from Banking, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, IT, Hospitality, Government, and Oil & Gas. She has a knack for facilitation and coaching for Performance in a way that is empowering

Elizabeth has trained with Neil Rackham in Spin Selling, is an NLP Advanced Practitioner and during her time in the United States she won awards in Sales as well as featuring in an article in the Washington Post on Leadership and Performance

Core competencies 
of Elizabeth Thomas


Leadership starts with building trust with people, being inclusive and empowering them, ensuring people and teams are aligned to the strategy of the business and how their contribution fits into the company. As a result we have high performing cultures


Adding true value to any person or organization and aligning with their direction/strategy is key to performance and lasting change in organizations

Transformation Business

Aligning the overall clear strategy with each function of the business that collaborates and works together, courageous in their healthy challenge of each other, leads to transformation which is ever-changing as businesses and our customers evolve.


Transferring learning into experience especially when the strategy is clear leads to Performance, Impact & Value.


People will sometimes and often want to persuade us of their ‘powerlessnes’ and avoid not only going to the cutting edge of their thinking but also of not moving forward for their companies. Having a bigger picture can help us to elevate ourselves and those around us and by adding the important ingredient of understanding our individual and/or collective contribution will move everyone in the same direction.


Clarity brings simplicity, simplicity brings trust, trust brings contribution, contribution brings performance, performance brings success.

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